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Kidney Function Declined from 75% to 53% in the Last Year What should I Do

2015-01-03 15:37

Kidney Function Declined from 75% to 53% in the Last Year What should I DoMy kidney function declined from 75% to 53% in the past year, so what should i do ? According to the kidney function you are now in stage 3 kidney disease, so you should take actions immediately to prevent it from further decline.

For your case, you should pay special attention to it. Your GFR reduced 22% only in a short one year so your kidney disease developed into stage 3. If your condition progesses as this speed then your kidneys will get completely failure after two years which needs dialysis to survive. Right now you may do not have any discomfort because your condition is in the first two stage, currently the compensation of your body can still keep creatinine without increasing and sustain your other items without abnormality. But once kidney disease get into stage 3, your creatinine will increase slowly, electrolyte will start disorder and hemoglobin will decline, so there will be discomfortable symptoms on body.

While now you are just in stage 3 kidney disease, and if you can accept professional Chinese Medicine recovery treatment, your disease is still reversible. however, the usage of standard chinese herbal medicine is very stict and the prescriptions are different from each other and also are used to different illness condition. And also for the kidney patients, not only one or two chinese herbal medicine can treat it . what the patients need is the systematic treatment and combined way to use the chinese medicine effectively

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