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Creatinine Level Downs from 6.5 to 5.4 is there still Necessary to Take Dialysis

2015-03-20 14:20

Creatinine Level Downs from 6.5 to 5.4,Dialysis,Creatinine 6.5,Creatinine5.4My husband is 49 years old and he is diabetic, the doctor advice him to undergo dialysis his creatinine is 580umol/L and after 3 days staying in the hospital his creatinine becomes 480umol/L, my question is do he need to undergo dialysis ?

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Usually, after people fall into Uremia, the creatinine level up to 8.0, dialysis will be in demand. But the time is not so accurate, if the people have lighter symptoms they may take it later, if their symptoms are heavier, they may need to take it in advance. So as a patient with kidney disease, no matter how high your creatinine level is, as long as there is necessary, doctors will recommend dialysis for you according to your own condition.

for your husband’s condition, his creatinine level downs from 580(6.5mg/dL) to 480(5.4mg/dL), that is a good signal of this disease, that may indicate his disease goes well, but there are many factors can affect the levels of creatinine, so when decide whether need to take dialysis or not, you need to make clear what is the caused induce the creatinine goes down. Your doctor can help you to find it, so do not worry about that.

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