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Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Take Bath

2015-04-22 15:29

Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Take BathShould chronic kidney disease patient take bath ? Having a bath is a wonderful thing for people, it can not only help to keep body clean, but to relax themselves. In terms of kidney disease patients, they can also get such good effects even more with it .

Here are some tips for kidney disease patients to bear in mind.

First, don’t take bath when feeling hungry. Blood sugar level is the lowest when people feel hungry, which can’t guarantee the essential calory consumption., that’s why people are easily to suffer dizzy, shock etc.

Second, don’t take cold bath when sweating. Cold water will stimulant nerve ending excessively , then make pore contract suddenly, finally capillary vessel spasm will occur. In addition, it is advisable that patients use warm water after exercises.

Third, avoid too long time bath. If patients have bath for more than 1 hour, which can make capillary overextend, then cause cerebral ischemia. Patients who have cerebral atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and heart disease have to suffer shock.

Fourth, it is not suggested that people have bath after meal. Taking bath after meal is not only bad for digestion of food, but add heart burden.

Fifth, patients are not suitable to use strong alkaline soaps. Common soaps or strong alkaline soaps can make skin lose subaicdiy, so that decrease skin antiseptic effect. Therefore, moderate soaps or bath foam are advisable for patients, like boracic bath soap.

Sixth, don’t take bath after drinking. As glucose will be consumed when washing, so sugar content has to decrease largely. Meanwhile, alcohol is also able to hinder the recovery of body glucose . Eventually, people will suffer collapse.

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