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I am in Stage 3 Kidney Disease Can I Get A Chance to Reverse It

2015-06-21 17:28

I am in Stage 3 Kidney Disease Can I Get A Chance to Reverse ItI am in stage 3 kidney disease can I get a chance to reverse it ? At present, you are in a very critical period, your kidney condition can progress into two opposite directions.

Can stage 3 kidney disease patient get a chance to reverse it ?

With an effective treatment, those healthy glomeruli can be protected against further damage. On this base, if those impaired glomeruli can be restored, your renal function can be improved a lot.

However, if more and more glomeruli become necrotic, your renal function will keep worsening and your overall condition will become worse. Soon, you will have to start dialysis. Once you start dialysis, you will have to depend on it to keep alive. Or go for kidney transplant.

To treat your disease, the following treatment steps will be involved:

Firstly, it is to degrade those immune complexes from kidneys and clear them out from body.

Secondly, it is to purify your blood to eliminate those toxins like creatinine, urea etc and those immune complexes in your blood.

Thirdly, it is to suppress the inflammation in your kidneys to clear away the direct cause of your kidney damage.

Fourthly, it is to restore those impaired glomeruli to improve your renal function.

In one word, if the kidney disease patient can get the proper treatment timely, they can get a chance to reverse it. Here I recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you, it is one of the best effective treatment of kidney disease.

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