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How to Treat Protein Leakage in Kidney Disease

2015-09-07 15:43

How to Treat Protein Leakage in Kidney DiseaseHow to treat protein leakage in kidney disease ? In clinic, protein leakage is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease, it may make further damage to the kidneys and speed up the progression of this disease.

Why kidney disease patient should pay high attention to protein leakage ?

You know, the creatinine is the wastes of muscle metabolism and they should be filtered through our kidneys' glomeruli and then discharged out by urine. If the glomeruli are damaged and GFR(glomerular filtration function) decreases, these wastes will not be let off, then these toxins will stay in the blood, that is why the serum creatinine shows high. High creatinine means high toxins in body. Generally speaking once the creatinine level is higher, there is more than 50% kidney function has been damaged.

You know one of the protein's main function in the blood is to stabilize the pressure there, enabling the water to stay in the blood. If the protein get lost, the pressure will reduce, and the water will deviate from the blood but enter the space between the tissue, causing the swelling. Too much protein get lost from the blood will inevitably thicken the density of the blood, and that contributes the potential risk for the thrombus.

Meanwhile, the protein leakage reflects the damage to the filtration membrane of the kidney. Too much protein squeezing through the membrane will accelerate the decline of the kidney function at a rather high speed. Actually lots of kidney disease can develop at a stable speed, and through the reasonable treatment, it can get a fine recovery. Just because of the acute factors, we lose lots of treatment opportunity, and the disease develops to kidney failure finally.

How to treat protein leakage in kidney disease ?

In general, doctors will prescribe some medicines, such as Ketosteril, to the patient to control protein leakage. Those medicines do can relieve this symptoms in a short time, but as the disease goes worse they will increasingly be less effective.

Here i recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you, it can treat kidney disease from its underlying causes, thus to relieve all those symptoms gradually.

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