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How can TCM Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-09-29 16:59

How can TCM Treat Chronic Kidney DiseaseHow can TCM treat chronic kidney disease ? As the times going, TCM is used more and more in treating kidney disease. You know, it can cure the kidney disease without much side-effect.

TCM Pharmacopoeia reads there are totally about 1000-2000 kinds of Chinese Medicines, the common used are about several hundreds. In face, Chinese Medicines are plants' root, stem, rhizome and leaf, such as Folium Sennae(Senna Leaf) can be used to aid defecation; some such as semen coicis, Chinese yam, hawthorn, etc, they can be taken as foods, also they are used as medicines. Such as drying hawthorn helps digestion. So, you can see, besically Chinese Medicines are herbaceous plant and very natural. Actually there are indeed some herbal medicines which can cause side effects, for example, medicines named MADOULIING, CHUANMUTONG can cause interstitial fibrosis because they contain a kind of substance aristolochic acid. This is known to all. As nephrology doctors, we very value and pay close attention to the damage caused by medicines. We choose herbal medicines very cautiously. The herbal medicines we choose and use are firstly without renal toxicity and any side effect. Besides, not sure whether you have had an understanding about our therapies(Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Herbal Circling Therapy, Herbal Hot Compress Therapy, Herbal Medicated Bath Therapy, Oral Herbal Medicine Therapy, High Retention Herbal Enema Therapy, Herbal Feet Bath Therapy, Herbal Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy, Herbal Reinforcing and Nourishing Therapy etc.) These herbal therapies we give to patients are mainly externally used, and the herbs are processed through ultrasonic cavitation crushing technology, the ingredients inside medicines can be absorbed effectively through skin and targeted arrive at kidney lesions.

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