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How to Improve the Function of the Kidneys

2015-11-01 14:26

How to Improve the Function of the KidneysHow to improve the function of the kidneys? The kidneys are the main organs, it plays an important role in the body, for example to generate urine, produce metabolites and some waste poison, regulate water and electrolyte balance in the body. Chronic renal failure is a result of the deterioration of various diseases of the kidneys, if not treated in time, it may deteriorated to uremia.

How to improve the kidney function in kidney failure ?

Firstly, sensible and healthy food are the most basic method for improving kidney function. So as a kidney disease patient you should follow those tips:

1. Keep high-quality protein diet

Limit the intake of protein may effectively block or slow down the process of renal failure. Kidney failure patients need to eat a certain amount of protein of high nutritional, such as eggs, lean meat, milk, fish and so on. Limit your intake of vegetable protein.

2. Add enough calories

Enough heat can reduce body protein breakdown, in general, at least 35 kilocalories per kilogram body weight, mainly of sugar and fat, there may be some containing potato starch and yam, and other high-calorie foods.

3. Soak the normal amount of salt, sodium phosphate, and potassium

If the patient has symptoms of edema and hypertension, we need to limit salt intake, severe cases can be salt-free diet. If patients with hyperkalemia, that is to limit the intake of potassium, careful to eat foods high in potassium, such as bananas, leeks, tangerine, tree fungus, and so on. Reduced kidney function, phosphorus to grow, renal function will decline further, so limiting the consumption of phosphorus help to improve kidney function.

4. Add the vitamin. Vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, increase resistance

In fact, except diet there is another key point to improve the kidney function, that is treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay has remarkable therapeutic effect in treating kidney disease, it can recover from the patient inside, expand blood vessels, improves the condition of ischemia and hypoxia, restore damaged cells and improve renal function. With the help of this treatment, kidney disease patient can live a quality life without dialysis or renal transplant.

If you want to know more detail about this treatment or want to improve your kidney function, you can leave message to us, we will try our best to help you.

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