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What are the Diet and Treatment of Stage 3 Kidney Disease

2017-01-05 17:46

Stage 3 is a very vital stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, if you are lucky enough and can get the proper treatment in time you may reverse it, if not, your disease may goes worse, even fall into Uremia. So as a patient who are in this situation, you should take action from your diet and treatment at the same time, the experts said.

Diet is the easier factor to control, as long as you make a fit diet with the help of your nutritionist and insist to it, you will get what you want. But the treatment can not be controlled by yourself, because it is depend on many things such as the country you are in and the therapies you can get. So even if you have enough money but without proper treatment, the disease also can not be cured.

As we all know in traditional medicine item, dialysis is the most common ways to control stage 3 kidney disease, it surely can help to relieve it to some extent but cannot cure it from the root, finally, the kidney will goes to failure. What’s worse, patient have to suffer more pains bring by this kind of cure method. So as a kidney disease doctor, i recommend you to take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a safe and effective treatment for kidney disease. With little side effect and significant curative effect, it can help people to reverse their disease to some degress. Even you have fall into the advanced stage of this disease, you also can have a chance to avoid dialysis and renal transplant.

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