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Is It An Alarm for Chronic Kidney Patients at 3 Stage

2017-02-21 18:10

Last week, a 48 years old man who comes from India consulted us a question about kidney disease. He expressed that: he is a chronic kidney disease patient who has developed into the third stage, recently, he found a worried phenomenon that it is easier for him to get a cold or injection, besides, urine volume is descending gradually. So he is worried about whether his impaired kidney could be reversed or not. Consider about a great number of people are suffering from the same illness, as a qualified doctor working in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, i have responsibility to spare no effort helping all of patients get rid of kidney disease’s influence and live a normal life.

As a matter of fact, chronic kidney patients is divided into five stages according to glomerular filtration rate. What is GFR? It is a reference point of one’s renal function. A series of symptoms appear due to increasingly descend filtration ability. If relevant measure are not adopted as soon as possible, as for one in the third stage of chronic kidney disease, it is an alarm for them.

How to reserve this alarming stage?

After years of studies, we find a fact that there are two primary reasons, one is unhealthy living habit, another is an unfavourable environment. These two factors directly caused the generation of heavy metal icons and eutrophication materials, which will enter into our blood circulation, then damaged renal inherent cells. Toxins-Removing Treatment operated in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has widely applied in cleaning toxins. It conduces to metabolism as well as blood circulation, then eliminating toxins through sweating and defecating. Toxins-Removing Treatment combines Foot Bath and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy offering a healthy internal environment for next treatment. From this way, can renal function regain to work and avoid developing into a serious stage.

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