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Is There Any Natural Treatment to Manage Creatinine 4.5 with CKD

2017-03-21 14:31

Is There Any Natural Treatment to Manage Creatinine 4.5 with CKDCKD patients hope they can be treated with an effective treatment due to the discomforts which they are suffering from. Because of the disadvantages of dialysis and kidney transplant, they want to undergo a natural therapy. Is there any natural treatment to manage creatinine 4.5 with CKD?

To answer this question, let us analyze what causes the creatinine to reach 4.5.

The creatinine is a kind of the wastes produced by the body. It is considered as an index of the renal function. Actually, if the glomeruli of the kidney has been destroyed more than 1/3, the creatinine will go up. Hence, the creatinine means the kidney has been damaged badly.

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) refers to a medical situation, in which the kidney is gradually injured. The kidney is the main tool in the body to eliminate the unnecessary and toxins from the body. So, more and more harmful substances will be gathered in the body due to the damaged kidney. Hence, patients will be ill with hypertension, anemia, swelling and other complications.

Therefore, patients push for a valid therapy.

What are natural treatment to CKD patients with creatinine 4.5?

Foot Bath. During the treatment period, patients will bath their feet with the essence abstracted from the Chinese medicines. The undesired things will be carried out through the skin in this way. It is a cheaper, safer and handier therapy for CKD patients with creatinine 4.5.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It makes use of lots of the special herbs which are picked up in term of the patients illness conditions to enlarge the blood vessels, dispel the blood stasis, promote the blood circulation and so on. As a result, the kidney self-cure ability will be strengthened in this case. When the kidney is restored, the baleful things will be ejected, the creatinine 4.5 will be decreased, and the patient will live a better life.

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