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Can CKD with Creatinine 5.6 and Protein in Urine be Treated

2017-04-13 16:14

Can CKD with Creatinine 5.6 and Protein in Urine be TreatedIn the case of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), the kidney is injured and it is unable to eliminate the redundant and harmful matters completely. In many countries, the creatinine 5.6 means the CKD patient should take dialysis. Also, the protein in urine is due to the damaged kidney. Then, can CKD with creatinine 5.6 and protein in urine be treated?

In fact, the kidney is an important organ in the body to filter the blood, produce urine, adjust the balance of electrolyte and perform other functions. In clinical, the creatinine is considered as a main index of the renal function. So that, the creatinine 5.6 shows us the kidney has been damaged badly. As a result, the patients will have series of poisonous symptoms while the toxins are deposited in the body.

When the kidney can not prevent the protein from leaking and is unable to take the protein back, we will find the protein in the urine.

Therefore, how to treat CKD with creatinine 5.6 and protein in urine?

Dialysis. In some extent, it can reduce creatinine 5.6 and protein in urine. But it will leads to itching skin, heart failure, lower renal function and other side effects. As being on dialysis, kidney transplant will be the only choice to the patients at last.

Cycle Therapy. It is to draw gyrate cycles with the medicine mud on the active area which are found out based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory. During the treatment, the effective substances of the medicine mud will permeate into body to carry out the unwanted matters. 4-8 hours later, the patients are asked to take a bath and clean up the cycles with warm water. It is a safer and effective way to treat the patients.

Hot Compress Therapy. In the therapy, the patients’ Shenshu area will be hot pressed with Chinese medicines to repair the renal function. When the kidney is rebuilt, the creatinine will drop down, the protein in urine will disappear and the patients will feel better.

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