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How to Deal With Stage 4 CKD in Which GFR is 18%

2017-12-08 10:54

How to Deal With Stage 4 CKD in Which GFR is 18%This is kidney Dr.Linda from International Department of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I phoned you just now, here I e-mail you in details.

For the GFR 18%, it is at a very critical stage, with timely and effective treatment you can get your kidney condition reversed. I know there are dialysis and transplant in western medicine. but may be that is what you do not want.

Now since you are already in CKD stage 4, and kidney function is 18%, what means the function of filtering toxins decline and that much toxins will stay in the blood. There are three kinds of kidney cells and tissues now in your kidneys, that is good ones, damaged ones and dead ones. Since your kidney cells and tissues are not damaged thoroughly, so there are great chance to help you repair the damaged renal cells, prevent further kidney damage (without effective treatment, kidney cells and tissues are dying every day), and improve kidney function at last.

So here I recommend the patient take systematic treatment, I mean combine the advanced western technology with Mature TCM herbal therapies to help you improve your kidney function. Like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, herbal fumigation and Moxibustion and series of therapies to help you expand the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, offering enough nutrients, oxygen and blood to the damaged renal cells and tissues, clear internal toxins and improve kidney function. In this way, the patient can get his condition reversed and reduce dialysis cycle and even get rid of that. If you not accept dialysis yet, then you will not need to do dialysis and avoid kidney transplant in the further.

Any problems you can talk with me, I will try my best to help you.


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