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Is Kidney Function Working 50 Percent Curable

2018-02-21 11:04

Is Kidney Function Working 50 Percent CurableVisitor: hi! My cousin recently has come to know that his kidneys are working 50 percent. Is this condition curable? And how long will it take to be cured?

kidney-expert: for his condition, he can return to the normal life with the effective treatments. At present, I need to know more about his illness conditions and thus give you some certain suggestions. Does he have any other symptoms? Like swelling, back pain, anemia, itching, etc?

Visitor: He is in Pakistan. He was having high blood pressure. His age is 37. After a kidney test doctor diagnosed that his kidneys are functioning 50 percent. Now doctors have said him to visit hospital twice a month. Gave medicines for six months.

kidney-expert: I see. The examinations are necessary for monitoring his illness condition. You know, only 50% of the kidneys working is enough to finish the renal function as before. But in this case, the kidney function will be less and less easily due to many reasons, such as uncontrolled blood pressure and blood sugar, unhealthy foods, infections and so on. Do you know which are the medicines and treatments he is taking?

Visitor: I am not sure. What precautions he must take?

kidney-expert: got it. He need to manage his symptoms and diets right now. Besides, please make the blood pressure under the normal range. We mainly use Chinese herbal medicine treatment to help the kidney patients to go back to the normal life according to their personally illness conditions.  If possible, please send his latest test reports to me. For words limitation here, I will send you the details including methods to improve renal function, daily tips, diet list, treatment advice and cost, so What is your Email address or phone number?

Visitor: OK. I will send them to you later. What is your contact information?

kidney-expert: my e-mail ID:; phone: +8618395615012. Please do not worry, I will reply you as soon as possible. Have a good day.

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