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What are Treatments to Iterative Foamy Urine in CKD

2018-03-04 10:13

What are Treatments to Iterative Foamy Urine in CKDFor the patients who are suffering from high creatinine, their foamy urine is usually considered as protein in urine. In spite of this, the patients still need to take some test to confirm if this condition is caused by kidney damage. And then, if the foamy urine is caused by protein leakage, what are treatment to iterative foamy urine in CKD?

With the help of steroids, the protein or foamy will disappeared in the urine. However, some patients can not get rid of proteinuria by steroids and almost all the CKD patients will be troubled by the relapse of this problem. Moreover, some patients find out that the foamy urine has no bad effects to them as they are suffering from it for years. Thereby, they tell others that it is no need to spent so much cost and energy to cure it.

But in fact, the proteinuria means the kidneys are not good enough to filter the blood correctly and to protect the protein in the blood. Meanwhile, the researches discovery that the patients with long time proteinuria have a low immunity and that they are easy to get kidney failure.

Hence, it is imperative to treat proteinuria successfully.

1. Eat right. The patients must eat less salt, less fat, less protein and more vitamins to reduce the burden of kidneys, to protect the kidneys and strengthen immune system. But if the proteinuria is serious, the patients need to add some high quality protein, like lean, chicken, egg withe, fish, etc. You can contact Online Doctor for diet plan freely.

2. Take some treatments. In China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Medicated Bath, Immunotherapy, Cupping Therapy and other Chinese therapies will be adopted for the purpose of clearing inner environment and recovering kidney function naturally rather than simply dispelling the foamy urine. You know, once the inductive factors are eliminated and the kidneys are restored, the foamy urine will be vanished and the patients can turn back to track.

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