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What Can I Do to Resolve Issues like Edema in Kidney Problem

2018-04-04 11:47

What Can I Do to Resolve Issues like Edema in Kidney ProblemMany kidney disease patients wonder “what can I do to resolve issues like edema in kidney problem?” As a doctor, I strongly recommend the patients to find out the direct causes of edema and cure it from the root causes, otherwise, it will come out over and over again.

Many reasons lead to edema in the body, like the damage kidneys which can not taking away the extra water timely and adequately, the protein leakage what make the plasma osmotic pressure, poor blood circulation, etc. Here I will take about the treatments to edema caused by the kidney problem and protein leakage via a patient’s case.

Mr. Huang arrived at our hospital for the bad systemic edema. His then indexes were height 170 centimeters, weight 84 kilograms, daily urine volume 1000 milliliter, 24 hours protein content 7.42 g/24h, sever edema. Also there was a diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. The good news was that his creatinine level and BUN were still in normal range.

For his case, the doctor adopted Chinese medicines to take away the toxins from glomerular basement membrane and to tissue repair cell. With the restoration of basement membrane, the protein will be faded away, the swelling will be released, and the weight will be lost. During the treatment, our nutritionist also made the dietary plan for his healthy and also recovery.

Within a weak treatment, the protein in urine depressed to 2.65g/24h, the weight was 71.2kg, and he can walk around our hospital with the accompany of our doctors. After half a month, the swelling as well as the protein urine were disappeared, and the weight was kept in 65.2kg, also, his urine volume was elevated to about 2000ml/24h.

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