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Can Hormones Cure Glomerulonephritis

2018-06-24 11:02 When a person has glomerular nephritis ,at the early stage he has no any discomforts and is easy to despise it , But doctors often suggest them to take hormone medicines to treat it, and after the hormone medicine treatment their kidney condition can be improved obviously, But after a period of treatment their kidney condition is stable and no other improvement, once stopping the hormone medicine the symptoms will appear again, so they are eager to find an effective to cure it.
How can glomerular nephritis treat effect good? Can hormone cure it? Glomerulonephritis must not be despised, because it’s dangerous. It can lead to different degrees of heart failure and pulmonary edema, but also cause bone tissue generally decalcification, cramps, osteoporosis, bone pain and other clinical manifestations, even stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa damage by cellulose inflammation, and even the formation of ulcers and Glomerulonephritis if not age treatment, serious will lead to kidney failure, leading to the emergence of uremia.
Hormone is now very common treatment of glomerulonephritis, but because the hormone itself has “toxicity”, although the related symptoms can be improved, but the damage to the kidney is also quite large, often not kidney but hurt the kidney, so do not recommend
For glomerular nephritis, glomerular “Three-way”, according to the different symptom manifestations of renal disease clinical staging, it is advocated that comprehensive policy should be carried out in the treatment stage to deter lysis and delay development by means of multiple channels. And that the renal failure period can lead to multiple organ involvement, complicated pathogenesis and difficult treatment. The single route to the drug was weak and less effective. Combined, it is helpful to deal with the complicated and changeable situation of renal failure, so as to improve the clinical curative effect by comprehensive regulation. Over the years, in clinical practice, the kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have developed a systemic natural treatment which refers to external and internal treatment of Chinese medicine, one side, oral Chinese medicine. Through the external therapy the active substance of herbal medicine can penetrate into the lesion of kidney and release the medicine effect directly,it can help dilute the blood vessels and promote the blood circulation in kidney and provide more oxygen and nutrients to kidney ,then the damaged kidney cells can be repaired and their function can be improved step by step, then after a scientific and systemic natural treatment the patients can be recovered again and live the normal life again.
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