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Is Yoga Good for Kidney Disease Patients

2014-01-03 06:38

Is Yoga Good for Kidney Disease PatientsIs yoga good for kidney disease patients? The answer is depending on patients’ illness condition. As we know, yoga is a common and popular activities, as it can help strong people’s immunity and remedy some kinds of diseases naturally. So kidney disease patients often wander if yoga can help treat their kidney disease.

The kidneys have 3 common and important functions, which are regulating the fluids in body, filtering the wastes and toxins in blood and producing hormones that can help regulate the blood pressure. Once the kidneys are damaged, the kidneys will fail to work well, then patients will suffer from some serious symptoms or complications. However, yoga can be a physical treatment for kidney disease patients, as yoga plays an important role in kidney health. It can improve the kidney function, reduce the risks of kidney cancer and improve the life quality for kidney disease patients.

Yoga is the combination of physical activity and spirit, which will help our body restore and revitalize ourselves. And some poses in yoga can help improve the health of kidney health, which can improve the kidney function. For people who have a long-term yoga activity will reduce their risks of developing kidney problems, and for kidney disease patients, yoga will help them slow down the progression of kidney failure.

However, although yoga is good for kidney disease patients, but it doesn’t mean all the kidney patients can do yoga activity. Because some yoga poses need people do twist, back bends or some other difficult postures, which will make people stress their kidneys. For PKD patients, because there are numerous cysts on kidneys which will make the kidneys enlargement. If they do some yoga poses to stress their kidney parts, it will cause the kidneys rupture. So they should avoid these poses.

If patients want to do yoga to remedy their kidney disease, or improve their immunity, they should first ask the advices of their doctors. They should do yoga depending on their illness condition.

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