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Stage 4 CKD:Treatment for Increasing GFR and Prolonging Life Expectancy

2014-03-17 02:30

Stage 4 CKD:Treatment for Increasing GFR and Prolonging Life ExpectancyChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) have five stages.Stage 4 CKD is an advanced period.Dialysis will be accepted in near future to help patients prolong life expectancy.In this period,GFR is usually lower and lower.Therefore we need to find effective treatment for stage 4 CKD patients for increasing GFR and prolonging life expectancy.Read on and choose your proper treatment.

In order to help you choose your suitable treatment,you’d better make Stage 4 CKD clear.

The brief introduction of stage 4 CKD and GFR

When you are in Stage 4 CKD,you feel uncomfortable and nervous.There are different pills to help you relieve different conditions in Stage 4 CKD.High blood pressure is one of common symptoms for Stage 4 CKD patients.Therefore some medicines like ACE will be prescribed for you.High blood pressure is a dangerous factor for Chronic Kidney Disease,which speeds up the development of Stage 4 CKD.

GFR is a calculating data for Stage 4 CKD.Under Stage 4 CKD,GFR is between 15 and 29.With lower GFR,amounts of wastes and toxins build up in our blood thus leading to different complications.Heart failure is one of the most dangerous complications which threatens patient’s life expectancy.

Kidney Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This is one of newest therapy to slow down the progression of Stage 4 CKD and prolong life expectancy.It has the following characters and advantages.

Our experts choose some certain Chinese herbals to be processed and two bags will be put on the special acupoint BL 23 Acupoint.The activated Chinese medicines enter into renal area thus repairing renal damage and recovering renal functions.

There are Blood Purification,Blood Pollution Therapy for Stage 4 CKD.If you are interested in our therapies,email to with patient’s information and our experts will give you a reply with specific guidance for free.

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