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Advanced Medicine for CKD and 7% Kidney Function without Dialysis

2014-05-08 08:42

Advanced Medicine for CKD and 7% Kidney Function without DialysisYou’ve struggled with the diagnosis, treatment and maybe the recurrence of CKD. Now doctors may have told you that you have only 7% kidney function left and have to undergo dialysis. So you may wonder, whether there is any advanced medicine to treat your disease naturally without dialysis? Read on to find the answer.

What is the advanced medicine treatment for CKD and 7% kidney function without dialysis? Blood Pollution Therapy is the answer.

As the latest development in treating kidney disease, Blood Pollution Therapy is a systematic therapy which combines comprehensive blood purification methods with Chinese medicine remedies. Certain remedies are chosen based on specific diagnosis of each patient’s illness condition.

If you are interested to get personalized evaluation for this therapy, please Email us at with your test reports or detailed disease information such as your age, medical history, symptoms and complications, overall health condition, etc. Our doctors will make an individualized analysis and reply you soon.

Generally speaking, under the treatment of Blood Pollution Therapy, CKD and 7% kidney function patients’ situation will not deteriorate in the future, their severe complications can be relieved or prevented, and the quality of life will be significantly improved. As long as the kidney capacity can be raised to 10% or even above, there is great hope to avoid dialysis. Then, patients can live a greatly extended life span.

Hope the above introduction really helps for your better understanding of managing your disease. In case you still have anything unclear, please leave your doubt in the following message board. We will reply you promptly within 24 hours. Take care please. Thanks for your time!

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