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How to Improve GFR 11 in Stage 5 CKD without Dialysis

2014-05-21 07:12

How to Improve GFR 11 in Stage 5 CKD without DialysisChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a gradually-developed renal disease. It is divided into 5 stages according to GFR.GFR 11 is in the range of stage 5 CKD. In many countries, patients like this need dialysis to keep their life expectancy. While dialysis is the last choice for kidney disease patients in Chinese. Without dialysis, how to improve GFR 11 in Stage 5 CKD without dialysis?

In order to improve GFR 11,we need to figure out our conditions.GFR is one of the most important index for kidney disease as it reflects renal conditions clearly and accurately. GFR 11 are definitely in stage 5 CKD. In this stage, kidney fails to keep patient’s daily life. Therefore we need to improve GFR immediately thus slowing down the progression of Stage 5 CKD.

Dialysis is indeed helpful to relieve serious conditions for stage 5 CKD patients. But it is no use elevating the value of GFR. Meanwhile the development of stage 5 CKD can’t be controlled very well. In most circumstances, dialysis is not suggested for kidney disease patients in China.

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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is usually suggested for stage 5 CKD patients to improve GFR thus treating stage 5 CKD better. Comparing Dialysis, its advantages are as follows:

1. Natural and Comfortable

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese medicines. Chinese medicines are natural which is famous for many years.

When patients accept Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, they need to have a sleep, which feels like a massage.

2. Improve GFR from root perspective

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats kidney disease by providing nutrition for kidney self-recovery and relieving heavy burden on kidney. When kidney damage is repaired to some certain degree, GFR is also improved.

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