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CKD Treatment:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Improving GFR 36

2014-05-27 07:46

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is divided into 5 Stages.Some CKD patients suffer from GFR 36.GFR is one of the most important index to calculate renal functions.Many doctors have nothing to do for improving GFR 36.How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy improve GFR 36?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

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How does CKD lead to GFR 36?

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a gradually development of kidney disease.The more serious CKD is,the lower GFR is.Kidneys have the functions of filtering wastes and toxins out of the blood .When kidney begins to be damaged,it keeps working thus finishing its filtration functions.Therefore kidney becomes overwork thus leading to GFR 36 decreasingly.With lower GFR,the kidney damage becomes more serious.Therefore wastes and toxins will be accumulated in our body thus leading to different complications.With those complications,life quality will be decreased.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy improve GFR 36?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotehrapy improve GFR 36 in the following perspectives:

1.Providing rich nutritions

Chinese Medicines grows naturally.We need to select them specifically.Those Chinese Medicines will be processed.Those small pieces Chinese medicines will be put into small bags.The two bags will be put on the renal areas thus making Chinese medicines enter into kidney directly and working on kidney increasingly.Therefore the damaged kidney will absorb nutritions to help itself self-regeneration and self-recovery.

2.Those processed Chinese medicines in small bags help kidney complete its job thus eliminating wastes and toxins out of the body and creating better environment.

Therefore GFR will be improved increasingly and gradually.

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