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Which Stage is the Creatinine Level of 1.92 In

2016-09-29 17:14

Which Stage is the Creatinine Level of 1.92 InCreatinine is one of the indicator of kidney function, usually we can know which stage the disease is in according to the creatinine level, but it is not the always, because there are many factors can affect the levels of it.

Which stage the creatinine level of 1.92 is in?

The kidneys have strong compensatory function, so only if the kidney function is lower than 50%, the creatinine level begin to increase. So under most of the situation once the creatinine level is higher than the normal level (0.5-1.3 mg/dl), that means the kidneys have been damaged in some degree but that is not always the same, because factors like cold, fever, diet all of them can affect the the levels of it.

In clinic, exclude the non-pathological factors, creatinine level of 1.92 means the disease now is in stage 2, almost stage 3 (over 2.0). In this stage the kidney is damaged mild and there are still remaining more than 60% kidney function can work normally, so it can be reversed with timely treatment.

How to lower creatinine 1.92 back to normal?

As we mentioned above, creatinine 1.92 is in stage 2 and there is a chance to reverse it, as long as the patient can get the proper treatment timely.

Here i recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to the patient who are in this situation. This therapy can lower the high creatinine by improving the kidney function. There are many kinds of herbs in this therapy, so during the treatment, doctor will arrange different herbs according to the patient’s condition. If you want to know more information about this treatment, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will provide the information you want for free.

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