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GFR 21% and Creatinine 4.5, How to Improve Renal Function Naturally

GFR 21% and Creatinine 4.5, how to improve renal function? If you have the similar condition, please contact Online Doctor. And the article will give you some useful information. Creatinine, a product of muscle, is usually excreted from bod...Read More

What is Best Treatment to My Mum with Creatinine 4

Indian Guest 08-09 10:45:29 Hi Sir. kidney-expert 08-09 10:45:56 Hello. Is there anyone with kidney problem? Indian Guest 08-09 10:46:42 Hi Sir. I have few queries regarding to my mom health. Can you help me with that? kidney-expert 08-09 1...Read More

Is There Any Method to Reduce Creatinine 7.2 without Dialysis

In the situation of creatinine 7.2, some patients have already done dialysis, but others do not have need to take dialysis immediately as they do not suffer from any serious symptoms. Then, they wonder is there any method to reduce creatini...Read More

GFR 36 and Creatinine Level 1.9, Should I Worry

kidney-expert 08-03 04:09:56 Is there any person with kidney disease? American Guest 08-03 04:11:49 I just received some blood work today. My creatinine level was 1.9 and GFR was 36. I am a 59 year old white male. I did a cross fit work out...Read More

Can Toxin-Removing Therapy Lower Creatinine 5.37

The patients with creatinine 5.37 will be suggested to do dialysis in the near future. And some of the patients have already began the dialysis owing to the serious symptoms. Due to the sufferings the dialysis make the patients undergo, the...Read More

Is There Any Way of Decreasing Creatinine Level without Doing dialysis

Usually, high creatinine level means the patients need to do dialysis for the sake of replacing the renal function to filter the blood and remove various toxins and wastes. But, dialysis will make the patients undergo so many discomforts. H...Read More

How Can the Patients with Creatinine 5.8 Dispelled Breath Difficulty

The patient with creatinine 5.8 will have a large amount of symptoms as a result of the badly damaged kidney. Nevertheless, how can the patients with creatinine 5.8 dispelled breath difficulty? Generally speaking, when the creatinine level...Read More

GFR 15% and Creatinine 497, What to Do to Refuse Dialysis

As a rule, the patients with GFR 15% and creatinine 497umol/L are in the stage 4 kidney disease (kidney failure) when the patients will be suggested starting dialysis in the near further. But, dialysis is not a right way to treat the kidney...Read More

What are Solutions to Reduce Creatinine 600

Creatinine 600umil/L is very higher than the normal level. As a matter of fact, lots of toxins and waste products will be cumulated in the body, even enter the cells. While, what are solutions to reduce creatinine 600 for FSGS patients? Acc...Read More

Herbal Medicine for Creatinine 3.9 with kidney working 33%

What if kidney working 33% ? Why creatinine rises up to 3.9 ? How about accepting herbal medicine ? You can got the answer in the article. The kidney is the primary organ to produce urine, remove the various toxins and wastes from body, kee...Read More