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What Can A Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 525 Do to Improve Renal Function

Why the creatinine level goes up to high? How kidney failure appears? What can a kidney failure patients with creatinine 525 do to improve renal function? You can gain some related information in this article. Creatinine is a outcome of bio...Read More

What Should I Do In Case of Serum Creatinine Level 6.6

Once the serum creatinine level is reached 6.6mg/dl, the kidneys have been damaged so badly that less than 20% of the kidney can operate well to help the patients maintain the balance of internal environment, and thus, the patients will go...Read More

How Chinese Medicine Works to Lower Creatinine 1100

Chinese medicine has been developed and practiced for diagnosing, treating and preventing illnesses fundamentally thousands of years in China. While, how Chinese medicine works to lower creatinine 1100umol/L? 1. What does creatinine 1100umo...Read More

What are Some Treatments to a Children with Creatinine 7.2

My daughter is 11 years old and she has only one kidney and at present creatinine level is 7.2. Her one kidney was damaged and now this problem has damaged her other kidney. Please suggest some treatments for my daughter. My mobile no is ....Read More

What Should We Do to Reduce Creatinine from 4.8 to 1.0

E-mail: Whatsapp / Viber / Wechat: +8618633865632...Read More

Is There Anyway Kidney Can Be Treated in High Creatinine Without Surgery

Dialysis and kidney transplant are in widespread use for kidney failure patients, in spite of they have many shortcomings. While, is there anyway kidney can be treated in high creatinine without surgery? Why the patients with high creatinin...Read More

What Needs to Be Done to Reduce Creatinine 11 Other Than Dialysis

Recently, a patient asked me that what needs to be done to reduce creatinine 11 other than dialysis? I believe many people are also eager to gain more information about this. Here, you can find out some answer in the article. At the beginni...Read More

Creatinine 3.7 and Urea 44, How to Deal With Swollen Legs

Creatinine 3.7 refers to the stage 3 kidney disease, which is still in a reversible time. Usually, the patients with creatinine 3.7 will have some symptoms, swollen legs and high urea level, for an example. While, how to deal with swollen l...Read More

What is the Alternative Treatment to Dialysis for Lowering Creatinine 6.9

What will happen when creatinine reached 6.9mg/dl? Must the patients do dialysis in creatinine 6.9mg/dl? What is the alternative treatment to dialysis for lowering creatinine 6.9mg/dl? Creatinine 6.9 shows the patients are in the stage 4 ki...Read More

Is There Any Herbal That Can Help to Reduce the Serum Creatinine

Serum creatinine level is considered as a evaluation target on kidney function in clinic. What is more, the patients with high serum creatinine level will also in trouble with edema, blood in urine, anemia, poor appetite, back pain and othe...Read More