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What Can We Do with Both high Blood Stress And High Creatinine Level

The patients with both high blood pressure and high creatinine level will be ill with swelling, headache, poor appetite or other discomforts. While, what can we do with high blood pressure and creatinine level? Firstly, what high blood stre...Read More

Can High Creatinine Level be Reduced with Natural Treatments

For the patients with high creatinine level, they will be ill with blood in urine, protein in urine, back pain and other symptoms. So that, the patients are in the sore need of an effective treatment to remit the high creatinine level. As a...Read More

Creatinine 7.2 and Back Pain, Is There Any Chance to Refuse Dialysis

Good morning, sir. My creatinine level is 7.2 and I can not sleep well due to the serious back pain. Is there any chance for me to refuse dialysis? Do you have the similar situation as the patients? Do you also want to gain the answer of th...Read More

High Creatinine Level and Hypertension, What Can We Do

What can we do for one with high creatinine level and hypertension? This is what many patients have asked for. You can get the some free and related information in details through Online Doctor or whatsapp / viber / wechat +8618633865632. D...Read More

Creatinine 5.4 and Edema, How to Alleviate Naturally

Creatinine which is considered as the index of renal function wont go up unless more than half of the kidney has been damaged. Besides, many doctor will recommend the patients with creatinine 5.4 and edema to take dialysis when the creatini...Read More

High Creatinine, Is Dialysis or Kidney Transplant A Must

When the creatinine level reaches up to 5.2, many doctors will recommend the patient doing dialysis and waiting for kidney transplant. But, nowadays, the dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only two therapies for kidney failure patie...Read More

Creatinine 476 Can be Reduced Without Dialysis

If ones creatinine goes up to 476umol/L, it means the patient is in the stage 4 kidney disease which is also called kidney failure. In general, most doctor will recommend the patient doing dialysis. But, do you know there are other treatmen...Read More

Natural Treatments to Alleviate Creatinine 5.5 with Itching Skin

Creatinine level is considered as an important index of renal function. When it goes up, there are about half of the kidney damaged. So, creatinine 5.5 shows that the kidney has been injured badly. As all we know, the kidney is the main org...Read More

If the Creatinine Goes up Again After Transplant What Can I Do

Do you know the kidney disease will come back after kidney transplant? If the patients pay more attentions to protect his kidney, after about twenty years, the kidney will be injured again. The obvious symptoms is that the creatinine goes u...Read More

What is Treatment to Reduce High Creatinine with 16% Renal Function

Hello, doctor. My renal function reduced to 16% from 40% after a cold. And I have high creatinine level. Is it dangerous? What can we do to diminish high creatinine level? Is there any chance for me to recover the renal function? The kidney...Read More