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What Are The Right And Wrong Ways To Reduce Creatinine

2019-02-15 09:21

Reduce Creatinine,WaysIn medicine, Creatinine is classified into two categories: endogenous and exogenous.

There are two sources of endogenous creatinine: one is the production of its own muscle metabolism, the other is the product of exogenous protein metabolism through the human body. For endogenous creatinine, we need to reduce the intake of protein foods (such as meat, soy products, etc.) and avoid large-scale exercise, which is relatively easy to do.

When the filtration function of the kidney is normal, creatinine will be excreted from the body with urine. When the renal function is impaired, the filtration ability of the glomeruli will be affected. Creatinine can not be discharged in time and accumulated in the body, resulting in an abnormal increase in creatinine. This problem of endogenous creatinine elevation is the focus of clinical treatment. At this time, to restore the renal filtration function, in order to achieve a real sense of creatinine reduction.

The emergence of renal filtration function mainly depends on the glomeruli. As long as there are more than 30% of normal glomeruli in the kidney, the filtration function of the kidney will be guaranteed.

When creatinine is elevated, the normal glomerulus in human kidneys is less than 30%. It can only avoid the progress of renal function, and it is impossible to reverse it.

To delay renal failure, patients need to effectively control proteinuria, hypertension and other conditions, but also pay attention to factors far away from the acute progress of renal function, such as infection, nephrotoxic drugs, inappropriate diet and so on.

1. Eat only vegetarian food, not meat, reduce the source of creatinine.

2. Enema treatment, similar to dialysis, increases creatinine metabolism in disguised form.

3. Take some creatinine-lowering drugs, such as calcium dobesilate, Niaoduqing, carbon tablets and so on, but can not be eradicated.

Although creatinine index decreased, it concealed the real situation of creatinine elevation, and the factors of renal function impairment were not solved.

In fact, as long as creatinine can be stabilized in a reasonable range for a long time, such as around 250, there is no significant progress in renal function, the risk of renal failure will not be great, and dialysis will not be suggested.

What can help stable creatinine?

In China, most of patients take Chinese Herbal Medicines to repair damaged kidney, which can improve kidney functions and rebuild kidney structures from the root. So it can reduce creatinine level from the root.


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