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Can Creatinine 4.8 with CKD be Treated

2017-04-01 15:16

Can Creatinine 4.8 and Itching Skin with CKD be TreatedCan creatinine 4.8 and itching skin with CKD be treated? What are the therapies to treat creatinine 4.8 and itching skin with CKD? Do you want to get the information about the way to alleviate creatinine 4.8 and itching skin for CKD patients? Here the article will give you the answers.

Why the creatinine of a CKD patient reaches 4.8?

As we all know, the creatinine is an index of renal function. Only if the kidney is damaged more than half, the creatinine will goes up. So that, the creatinine 4.8 means the kidney has been injured badly.

What is the reason that patients be ill with itching skin?

As a matter of fact, the undesired things which should be excluded by the kidney will be remained in the body for a CKD patient. And thus, the redundant phosphorus and toxins will be gathered on the skin, which leads to itching skin.

Therefore, for the sake of treating creatinine 4.8 and itching skin for CKD patients, we would better to assist patients in recovering the renal function.

What are treatments to treat creatinine 4.8 and itching skin for CKD patients?

Foot Bath. The unwanted things will be carried out by sweating during bathing the patients’ feet with the essence of Chinese medicines. It is a safer and handier way to help patients.

Cycle Therapy. With drawing gyrate cycles on the active area which are found out in term of the classical Chinese medicine theory, the poisons will be eliminated through the skin. After each treatment, patients need to take a bath and to clean up the medicine mud.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a external application treatment. The special herbs which will be used to patients are elected up base on the patients’ correct illness conditions. Hence, it can take a good effect on rebuilding the kidney for CKD patients.

When the kidney is repaired, the creatinine will be reduced, the itching skin will fade away, and the patient will have a normal life.

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