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High Creatinine Level and Hypertension, What Can We Do

2017-05-22 11:07

High Creatinine Level and Hypertension, What Can We DoWhat can we do for one with high creatinine level and hypertension? This is what many patients have asked for. You can get the some free and related information in details through Online Doctor or whatsapp / viber / wechat +8618395615012.

Do you clearly know what high creatinine level and hypertension means?

In clinic, the creatinine level is considered as the main index of the renal function. Moreover, only if there is more than half of the kidney is injured, the creatinine will begin to go up. So that, the high creatinine level not only means the kidney is damaged badly, but also shows us the kidney is in further damage due to the gathered toxins which should be eliminated from body by the kidney.

Also, if hypertension in which the flowing blood will strongly attack against the walls of the blood vessels every time can not be controlled well, the renal function will gradually be lower and lower. Besides, kidney disease will lead to hypertension.

How to treat high creatinine level and hypertension?

No matter what are the causes of hypertension, we need to make the blood pressure under the control firstly for the sake of reducing creatinine level effectively.

What is more, the well-planed diet and healthy living-style which take an important part in slowing down the damage of kidney must be followed by the patients.

In the meanwhile, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a Chinese Medicine, will help the patients extend the blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, dissolve the thrombus, clean up the inflammation, activate the renal inherent cells, repair the damaged tissues and so on. Later, the discomforts will be alleviated, the renal function will be improved and the patients will have a better live. According to the many years’ clinical applying, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has no obvious side effects while treating the patients. Hence, Medicine Osmotherapy is a better option.

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