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GFR 36 and Creatinine Level 1.9, Should I Worry

2017-08-05 14:26

GFR 36 and Creatinine Level 1.9. Should I Worrykidney-expert 08-03 04:09:56

Is there any person with kidney disease?

American Guest 08-03 04:11:49

I just received some blood work today. My creatinine level was 1.9 and GFR was 36. I am a 59 year old white male. I did a cross fit work out less than 90 minutes before the test. I drank some water but I wonder if you have any experience with false high readings in such a situation. By the way my BUN was 31. One year ago my GFR was 52 (Creatinine at that time was 1.4).

kidney-expert 08-03 04:12:08

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

American Guest 08-03 04:12:15

My blood pressure yesterday was 132/71. I do not have diabetes. I do have a diagnosis of any other problem.

kidney-expert 08-03 04:14:01

OK, don't worry, I will help you.

kidney-expert 08-03 04:14:11

For your case, there are three kinds of cells in your kidney. The well working renal cells, which help you filter the blood and remove the toxins. The diseased renal cells, which can not work well as you expect. The dead renal cells, there is no way to save them up to now.

kidney-expert 08-03 04:15:05

What I will tell you is that we can help you protect the normal cells from injuring and repair the diseased renal cells. Later, your GFR will be improved.

American Guest 08-03 04:15:55

Thank you.

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