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How Long I Have Until I Have to Start Dialysis If Creatinine is 5.36

2017-12-10 14:05

How Long I Have Until I Have to Start Dialysis If Creatinine is 5.36I’ve been fighting kidney disease for about 7 years. And I’m on top of what’s going on with my doctor. We monitor very closely. Recently I had a hit to the kidneys due to a bout of heat exhaustion. My creatinine level has jumped to 5.36. I see my doctor Monday and he is aware of my new numbers. I’m just wondering how long will I have until I have to start dialysis or do you think he will have me start immediately?

Hello. I received your message. Your serum creatinine level was elevated to 5.36 as a result of heat exhaustion, and you want to know more information about dialysis, right?

I guess you have been suggested to do dialysis or transplant in the near future by your doctor as your creatinine level is so high. You know, dialysis can not cure you and it will make you put up with weakness, poor appetite, muscle cramp or other side effects. Is this the reason you do not want to experience dialysis?

As a matter of fact, if you can maintain the creatinine 5.36 well, you can delay the dialysis for a long time. However, if you have any risk for life or have some other problem which worsen your illness condition fast, dialysis must be done right away. In a word, whether you need to go for dialysis at once depends on your kidney impairments and also complications. Do I make myself clearly?

Here I propose receiving active treatments to recover you kidney function, and thus you can reject dialysis or transplant. In our hospital, Chinese medicine is used primarily to help the eliminate toxic settlings, improve blood circulation, bring enough blood and nutrients to the kidneys, repairing renal inherent cells and tissues, etc. As a result, your kidney function will be increased at some points, the creatinine can be lowered naturally.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will try me best to help you.


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