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Creatinine 500+ Do We Have Any Options to Help Avoid Dialysis

2018-02-23 10:48

Creatinine 500+ Do We Have Any Options to Help Avoid DialysisSince dialysis, a replacement of certain renal function, can lead to so much sufferings like vomiting, headache, weakness and so on, more and more patients want to gain another treatment. What is worse, it is a life long therapy as the kidneys can not be improved with dialysis. And then, do we have any options to help avoid dialysis when creatinine is 500+?

Why the patients with creatinine 500+ are in need of dialysis?

Generally speaking, creatinine 500+ stands for the seriously damaged kidneys, in which situation, the patients will have various toxins and wastes deposited inside and outside the cells, a great deal of life-threatening illnesses, excessive water gathered in the body, etc. Thereby, dialysis must be done for prolonging life. In another word, if the patients do not have any risk for life, they can delay the time to go for dialysis at some points.

How to treat the creatinine 500+ so as to live away from dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has be proven the great impact on lowering creatinine 500+ naturally. In the treatment, different herbs from nature will be selected up in terms of the patients’ illness conditions. Later, the powder of these herb medicines will be loaded into two medical bags. All the preparations are already by this point. Subsequently, the patients need to lie on the bed (or sit on chair) during the 45min’s treatment. With the help of the machine treatment, the active materials of the two medical bags what are at the patients’ Shenshu area will enter the body to enlarge blood vessels, bring out poisons, dissolve blood stasis, improve blood circulation and achieve other actions with less side effects. By this way, the renal function can be increased step by step. As a result, the creatinine 500+ can be diminished spontaneously, and the patients can hold a high-quality life without dialysis.

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