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The High Creatinine 654 is Reduced Gradually with Chinese Medicine

2018-03-17 13:38

The High Creatinine 654 is Reduced Gradually with Chinese MedicineLook at the two test reports tested in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can clearly find out that the creatinine 654umol/L was reduced to 517 within 10 days. In the meanwhile, the BUN also became 9.8mmol/L from 16.0mmol/L. While, which Chinese medicine the patients take? And what are functions of these treatments?

Before taking about the treatment, the idea is to get a general understanding of his illness condition first. Except for the abnormal indexes in the blood test, 24 hour urine protein quantification was 2.5 and occult blood is +. Moreover, he could not sleep well and he was easy to be tired.

According to his conditions, the local doctor recommend Prednisone and further dialysis, but he does not want to undergo it. Later, he arrived at China, the renal experts here decided to offer Acupuncture to eliminate the toxic pathogens, Cupping Therapy for bringing out the cold toxins, Foot Bath Therapy used to improve blood circulation and to take away certain poisons, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aimed at recovering the patients’ own renal function and other Chinese herbs medicines in combination with the scheduled diet and lifestyle to realize the goal of dispelling the discomforts, lowing the creatinine level, and repairing the diseased kidneys.

“It is very miraculous that I have a great improvement with the help of flowers, leaves and root of the plants.” He also said, “I can sleep well, and the protein as well as blood are vanished in my urine. Besides I have visited the Great Wall with the companion of the doctor. I do believe I can get better soon here.”

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