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Foamy Urine A Bit But Swollen Feet and Legs Is It Associated to Creatinine 485

2018-03-22 10:57

Foamy Urine A Bit But Swollen Feet and Legs Is It Associated to Creatinine 485Foamy urine a bit but swollen feet and legs, is it associated to creatinine 485?” As all we know, foamy urine, swelling, hematuria and other discomforts are common symptoms of the kidney disease, and they usually appear when the creatinine is high. However, what is the relation between the high creatinine and these symptoms? How to make them vanish?

To be honest, the elevated of serum creatinine does not have a direct bearing on uneasiness. You know, the serum creatinine level is only one of the indexes of the kidney function. Once it goes up to high, we consider that the kidneys are damaged at least 50%. In the meanwhile, the extra water, toxins and wastes can not be eliminated through kidneys as before. What is more, these deposited-harmful things can turn back to injure the kidney inherent cells and to drop down the renal function. Due to the kidney damage, the swollen feet and legs as well as foamy urine come out to bother our life a lot.

Please do not worry, I know that you want to know more about the treatments what can bring a cure.

In fact, there is no effective cure for the diseased kidneys. But with available measures such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Steaming Therapy and others, the foamy urine and swollen feet and legs can get a “curable result” and the creatinine level can be reduced naturally.

By this way, the patients can enjoy their life again and avoid the further dialysis or transplant successfully.

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