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Creatinine 4.6 with High Blood Pressure,Headache and Cold Sweats

2014-03-05 11:00

Creatinine is closely related with renal functions.There are many symptoms following like high blood pressure,headache and cold sweats.How does these symptoms happen in Creatinine 4.6?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

The brief introduction of Creatinine 4.6

According to creatinine level,we can confirm renal functions.Creatinine 4.6 means stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).Stage 3 CKD refers to moderate renal damage.With renal damage,many renal functions will decreasing gradually.Renal functions include moderating function,hormone function,blood-forming function and filtration functions.As wastes and toxins build up in our body,many symptoms will follow up.

High blood pressure is related with hormone production.Renin is one of the most important hormones.Kidney receives a wrong message thus producing lots of renin.When renin produces,blood pressure keep elevated.


Kidney has filtration functions.When kidney becomes damaged,wastes and toxins build up in our body thus damaging to brain system and occurring of headache.

Cold Sweats

Kidney leads to lower immunity.Lower immunity leads to different conditions thus leading to the occurrence of cold sweats.

Kidney Treatment

In order to lower creatinine 4.6 with headache,cold sweats and high blood pressure,kidney functions will be improved.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is on the basis of Chinese medicines.Chinese Medicines are processed and put into two bags.The two bags full of activated Chinese medicines will be worked on renal area.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy lowers creatinine 4.6 by expanding blood vessels,anti-inflammation,anti-coagulation and degradation of extracellular matrix.Therefore renal damage can be recovered and renal functions can be improved increasingly and gradually.

Blood Purification

Blood Purification includes plasma exchange,hemodialysis,hemofiltration,hemoperfusion and immune absorption aiming at removing wastes and toxins in different sizes and ensuring clear blood.

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