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Is Anemia Severe for Creatinine 8.1 Patients?

2014-03-13 03:54

Is Anemia Severe for Creatinine 8.1 PatientsMany kidney disease patients suffer from anemia.Is Anemia Severe for Creatinine 8.1 Patients?If it is,what should we do?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.If you have other kidney problems,click online doctors.

Is anemia severe for Creatinine 8.1 patients?

For doctors,they usually tell your kidney conditions according to Creatinine level.The reason is that Creatinine is close related to kidney functions.The higher creatinine level is and the less renal functions are.Creatinine has two resources:muscle and food.As muscle is stable,creatinine stands still with healthy kidney.Therefore if creatinine keeps high level for a long time,your kidney is definitely damaged.Creatinine 8.1 is really high for kidney disease patients.With high creatinine level,kidney is seriously damaged thus influencing blood-forming system as kidney produces less EPO.With less EPO,blood is formed less thus making systems in our body short of blood leading to anemia.If kidney is short of blood and oxygen for a long time,kidney functions keep decreasing until it remains less and less.Kidney disease develops fast.You life will be threatened.

Kidney Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The featured Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to improve renal functions thus reliving anemia without fewer side effects.It takes measures from root perspective which is totally different from Western medicines.Micro-Chinese Medicines is formed of activated Chinese medicines which is processed by Chinese herbals.Chinese herbals are famous in the world and are precious.In our Miro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Chinese herbals are fully used with the help of osmosis machine leading to an economic price.Meanwhile the effectiveness can be prolonged at most.The reason is that you can take this therapy at home when your conditions become stable.

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