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Are There Any Relationship Between Kidney Stone and Infection

2014-08-18 03:12

kidney stone and infectionAre there any relationship between kidney stone and infection ? About this question, the answer is yes. After reading this article, you will know it clear.

I am waiting on results from Urine Culture. Last two Urine Cultures showed positive for Antibiotic Resisitant Bacteria (E Coli) UTI. As you may recall this was found during follow-up visit after hospital stay for kidney stone and infection. I am MSK and IC patient. I am currently asymptomatic. Doctors are suggesting treatment, which may require week long hospital visit, for IV antibiotic treatment. I am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions?

The next are the reply from our expert.

Did you know? Your recurrent urinary tract infection, is very detrimental to the kidneys, although you no symptoms, which is a chronic infection, because the stones will recur in Western medicine, it is difficult to completely cure kidney stones, which is causing you repeated infection reasons.

Now I want you, the use of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in the treatment of urinary tract infections and stones, safe, no side effects, mainly you can prevent chronic kidney disease.

From the above we know that Kidney stone is one of the reasons induce repeated infection. So if you want to keep away from infection, you need to cure your kidney stone first.

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