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What is Renal Cyst and How to Treat it

2015-03-22 17:17

What is Renal Cysts and how to treat it ? With the living standard improving, more and and people begin to attaches great importance to the health problems. For people with Renal Cysts, they are wondering whether this disease is life-threatening and is it curable.

What is renal cyst?

Renal cyst refers to small round fluid-filled packet in the kidneys. It can occur in any age, especially at the 50’s. In most cases, they are benign and asymptomatic, but they may growth both in size and number as time passes.

Symptoms of renal cyst

Without effective control,the enlarged cysts will oppress the adjacent kidney structures. Gradually, a series of symptoms will occur. Such as, abdominal pain, back pain, high blood pressure, proteinuria, high creatinine level, hematuria and so on.

When should you go to see your doctor ?

Usually, when the cysts are less than 3 cm, a regular detection is always suggested by the doctors. After the size is above 3 cm or there are some serious symptoms, it is the time to see your doctor now and without any delay.

How to treat it ?

In western countries, surgeries are always applied. Even if they can obtain quick effects in removing the big cysts, they may cause traumas to the kidneys. More important, they can do nothing to the impaired kidney function.

Now doctors always recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a new effective therapies in curing kidney disease. Compared with surgery, it can shrink, even inhibit the cysts. In addition, as an innovation of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, it can cure the disease without make further damage to the kidney.

If you want to know more details or need any help in treating Renal Cyst, you are welcome to contact our online doctor or send email to us, we will reply you with free advice. Our email: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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