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Is Ramipril Contraindicated for ESRD Patients

2013-10-16 14:59

Is Ramipril Contraindicated for ESRD PatientsPatient: I am an ESRD patient with creatinine 5.6mg/dl. Is ramipril contraindicated for me?

Doctor: Ramipril is often recommended to decrease high blood pressure. But not all patients are suitable to take ramipril. Especially when the patients’ kidneys are damaged seriously, ramipril is contradindicated, because it may cause further damage to kidneys, make the creatinine increase, and worsen the pre-existing proteinuria. Besides, it also has many side effects which will make you feel more uncomfortable. In the end stage of kidney disease, kidneys have become very frail. Any wrong medicine will devitalize your last life. Therefore, you had better not take ramipril.

I see your creatinine level is 5.6mg/dl, which is much higher than the normal value. To decrease creatinine level is good to regulate blood pressure. If you want to get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant, you can try the following therapy:

Moxibustion. It is one of the traditional Chinese medicine therapies which can regulate blood circulation and improve kidney function. Clinical practices have proved it is very effective.

And at the same time, you should adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It can penetrate the effective herbs into the damaged kidneys to help them repair damaged renal intrinsic cells and rebuild the normal kidney structure.

Medicinal bath and TCM loop therapy are also very effective for treating kidney diseases. If you want to get rid of kidney disease and live a healthy life, you can have a try. Contact our online doctors if you have other questions, and we are glad to help you.

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