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How Can Kidney Disease be Reversed

2017-07-10 11:03

How Can Kidney Disease be ReversedPaitent from America 07-07 05:10:21

How can kidney disease be reversed?

kidney-expert 07-07 05:10:35

Do you know your creatinine level?

Paitent from America 07-07 05:10:43


kidney-expert 07-07 05:10:55

Do you have any clinical manifestations? like foamy urine, swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc.

Paitent from America 07-07 05:12:19

I am very tired most of the time but I am recovering from a bad fall and am taking pain killers and muscle relaxes. Broken leg. Over 10 breaks. They were giving me Advil in rehab and the doctor told me today. no more Advil.

kidney-expert 07-07 05:13:00

For the case, your symptoms is caused by the damaged kidney. Generally speaking, you should take an effective treatment as there are more changes for you to recover the renal and to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant with effective treatment.

I recommend you try Chinese medicine. It is a good way to help you alleviate the discomforts and reverse the kidney disease safely and effectively. Also, please keep following the healthy diet and living habits, which is good for you to maintain the conditions.

Paitent from America 07-07 05:13:27

Thank you.

kidney-expert 07-07 05:13:36

Here is my contact information.

E-mail: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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If you have any puzzles about kidney, you can contact me at any time. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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