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Can My Father Lower Creatinine 7 Without Dialysis

2017-07-12 10:51

Can My Father Lower Creatinine 7 Without DialysisIndia visitor 07-08 14:17:26

My father creatinine level reaches 7 and he takes proper medicines and on renal diet.

kidney-expert 07-08 14:17:37

So high. Has he been on dialysis ?

India visitor 07-08 14:18:29

Only symptom is swelling in feet, now any other uimesrine is normal, food intake also normal he hungry many times.

India visitor 07-08 14:18:52

He hasn’t begin dialysis. But the doctor recommended him to do dialysis.

kidney-expert 07-08 14:18:57

Do you know what cause his kidney damage?

India visitor 07-08 14:19:45

Not exactly but may be high BP.

kidney-expert 07-08 14:20:10

Ok,i see. For his case, his kidney is damaged badly. It is hard for him to be cured. Please do not worry. We have alternative treatments to help her lower the creatinine level naturally. But what we can do for your father is to help him alleviate the symptoms and repair the damaged but not necrotic renal cells and tissues. Limited by the length of here. We can have a further talk by e-mail or other ways.

Here is my contact information.

E-mail: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

Tell: +8618395615012

If you have any problem, I am glad to help you at any time.

India visitor 07-08 14:19:45

OK, thanks.

07-08 14:20:05 This conversation is ended.

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