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Zhang Youkang,M.D

2014-06-30 07:38

kidney expert

1、Brief Introduction

Born on January 22,1946 in Ningbo,ZheJiang province,at present he holds the office of chairman in Beijing Medical Association Nephrology Society and the vice director in Chinese Medical Association Nephrology Society.

He is very accomplished in kidney disease and has been awarded many prizes. In 1991,he was awarded "Outstanding contributions of Chinese doctorate recipients ". In 1996,he enjoyed the special government allowances state and since January 1999,he has been servicing as the president in First Hospital of Beijing Medical University.


2、Study Experience

--In September 1968,he graduated from Medicine Department of Shanghai Second School of Clinical Medicine.

--In September 1982,he got the master's degree in Beijing Medical University. Then also in here,he got the Medicine Doctor Degree in 1987. Since 1979,Zhang M.D has been working in Beijing Medical University First Hospital,.

--From 1988 to 1989,he studied in Adelaide Royal Hospital to learn the Kidney Disease in Australia.

--In 1995-1996,he studied in University of Pennsylvania for Kidney Disease in America.

3、Primary Specialties

In the past 20 years,Zhang Youkang has been Engaging in the experimental study and clinical work on Kidney Disease filed.

In domestic nephrology,he has firstly established experimental nephritis model,including different pathogenesis and various pathological types,using artificial method to copy the experimental model series of almost all different pathological type, which lays an important foundation for Chinese experimental research on the pathogenesis of nephritis.Since then,he took this model series to do the research on Nephritis and this model also be widely used and promoted by domestic counterparts. Thus he was awarded the Scientific and Technological Achievements Second prize of Health Department and the Application Second prize of State Education Commission Scientific and Technological Progress.

Besides,he reported for the first time that some glomerular disease diagnosed by electron microscopy,such as TBMN(Thin Basement Membrane Nephropathy),Fibrillary Glomerulopathy and so on,which improves the Chinese diagnosis level of glomerular pathology and integrates with the international advanced level.

4、Papers and Monographs

Since 1985,he has published more than 500 papers in periodicals at home and abroad. Besides,he has participated in the preparation of 15 monographs.

As the project leader,he has taken 6 research projects at the ministerial level.

And now,he worked as the editorial board member or the guest reviewer of Chinese Internal Medicine Department Magazine,Chinese Journal of Nephrology,Journal of Peking University(medicine edition),Journal of Clinical Nephrology and so on and enjoyed special state allowance.

5、Achievements & Honors

Up to now,in about 40 years,he has been devoting himself to Kidney Disease. He had been awarded the “Outstanding contributions of Chinese doctorate recipients”. Besides,since 1986,he has won 6 items of Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

For nearly 30 years,he has been engaged in the field of Kidney Disease research,clinical practice and hospital management.

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