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Liu Luchuan,M.D

2014-03-26 09:43

1、Brief Introduction

In September 1975,he graduated from the Clinical Medicine of Medical Experts School. Then he successively worked at Wendeng First People's Hospital in WeiHai,Branch Courts of the People's Hospital in Wendeng and Wendeng second People's Hospital.

In his early years,he had been studying in Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital,Weifang People's Hospital. At a later time,he had been participating in the professional study uninterruptedly to improve himself.

2、Primary Specialties

He is skilled in Chronic Nephritis,Kidney Failure,Nephrotic Syndrome(NS),Diabetic Nephropathy(DN) and so so. In about 40 years,he has accumulated rich theoretical and clinical experience to treat the renal disease.

3、Achievements & Honors

He had published several papers and works about the Kidney Disease in recent years. Besides,he had participated in the writing of Explore Science of CVD and Kidney Disease.

4、Exclusive Interview

First impression to person of Liu Luchuan M.D is his preciseness. No matter the sharp eyes or the pale hair,he makes the patients feel at ease.

Anyone who contact with the Liu can feel his rigorous and self-confidence. What he had said and did are all considered carefully. He said,“patients are almost utterly ignorant of the disease,the person that they only can believe is the doctor. After the painful torture caused by disease,patients may have blind trust in doctors. In tis case,once the said the wrong thing or just one word,it may cause the severer consequence. So preciseness is necessary to be a doctor.”

Speaking of self-confidence,which is certainly based on Liu M.D’s clinical practice for many years. He jokingly referred to that, “If I have no confidence, how can patients trust me?”

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