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FSGS with Creatinine 3.6: How to Treat It

2016-05-26 14:46

FSGS with Creatinine 3.6: How to Treat ItOne of my relative has been diagnosed as FSGS patient two years ago, and now his creatinine level is 3.6. Could you tell me how to treat it? Can it be reversed?

To be frankly, from the creatinine level we can know that the patient is suffering from stage 3 kidney disease. That means his kidneys are damaged moderately. Without timely treatment, he may suffer more symptoms such as protein or/and blood in urine, fatigue, swelling, anemia, high blood pressure, etc.

How to treat FSGS with creatinine 3.6?

In China, kidney experts of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has invented an effective treatment known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can treat FSGS effectively.

Different from symptomatic therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at treating high creatinine level in FSGS from the root cause by repairing the damaged kidney inherent cells and recovering the overall renal function. So, it is a fundamental solution.

Moreover, as a natural treatment it is an external application of Chinese herb medicine without adverse effects. During the treatment, patients just need to lie on bed. It is just like a massage.

With the help of this treatment, FSGS patient with creatinine 3.6 can control their disease, even reverse it without making further damage to other organs in the body. If you want to know more details about this treatment for FSGS or want to reduce the high creatinine level, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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