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Protein Leakage in FSGS and Creatinine 3.5 What is the Best Medication

2018-05-07 15:27

Protein Leakage in FSGS and Creatinine 3.5 What is the Best MedicationOnce there are somethings wrong with our body, many patients want the medicines which is safest and takes fastest effects, so are the patients with FSGS and its symptoms. While, what is the best medication for protein leakage in Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis (FSGS) and creatinine 3.5?

In fact, what the patients need is not a best medication but a most suitable treatment.

For example, ARB or ARRS will be adopted when the protein leakage is no more than 0.1 g / 24 h, or else, hormone or immunosuppressant will be received. What is more, dialysis will be done if the condition is emergency. You know, these treatments can not prevent the frequent protein leakage. This is one reason why the patients want to take another treatment. Another reason is that these medicines leads to many side effects and can not stop the elevation of kidney disease.

Hence, what the patients should do?

1. Pay close attention to daily life. You know, the healthy lifestyle is very good for FSGS patients, such as going to bed in time, giving up smoking and drinking, keeping moderate exercise, insisting the renal meals and so on. You can consult Online Doctor for details in free.

2. Taking away the toxins in the body and improve renal function. In the situation of FSGS, the glomeruli are damaged and they can not filter the blood correctly. Later, protein will be leaked, and various of toxins will be remained in the blood, which will worsen the kidney condition bit by bit. Aside from dialysis, you can take Toxin-Removing Therapy to clean up the blood naturally. In such a cleaned environment, the renal function will be rebuilt gradually and successfully.

By this way, the protein leakage can be cured, and the creatinine level will be lowered. As a result, the patients can carry on with a relatively normal life.

If you are eager to stop the protein leakage, increase the renal function and lower creatinine level 3.5 naturally for FSGS patients, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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