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Are There Still Chances for FSGS Patients to Break Away From Dialysis

2018-04-23 14:09

Are There Still Chances for FSGS Patients to Break Away From DialysisWe all know that dialysis should be done several times a week and takes 3 - 4 hours at that time, during which process, it is common to feel many discomforts such as muscle cramp, weakness, pain and so on. What is worse, the patients need to undergo it lifelong. While, are there still chances for FSGS patients to break away from dialysis?

To be frank, the patients can choose the last way - transplant to cease dialysis correctly. However, FSGS or kidney failure will come back after renal transplant. Well, is there any other options?

In China, the patients can take special herbal medicines to get great improved. And this treatments have attract the patients from all over the world.

For an example:

The lady was 51 years old when she was told that her kidneys are failed. She was immobilized by shock as a result of such as a heavy news. Many people do believe that kidney failure stands for dialysis in the rest of their life or living with someone else’s kidney, and so is her. But her husband still searched in the internet and took her to many hospital though all the doctor suggested dialysis. A half year ago, she started dialysis due to the severe swelling in the body as well as creatinine 600.

After a period of dialysis, one of their friend (Tony) came to China for herbal medicine measures. Tony returned back to home after nearly one month’s treatment here and his creatinine level was reduced to 162 from 435. Later, the lady arrived at the hospital for the same treatment in company with her husband. Due to her physical conditions checked and analyzed by doctors, the doctor gave Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Medicated Bath and other Chinese medicines to clean up the toxins in the blood and promote the repair of glomerular. Finally, her kidney function was increased from 16 to 35, dialysis is stopped.

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