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How to Treat FSGS Safely and Effectively

2016-08-06 18:08

The common treatment for FSGS kidney disease refers to the application of western medicines, such as steroid drugs and immunosuppressive agents. But, you know after treatment, FSGS is easy to relapse. So as a FSGS patient you should seek help from other ways. Then, how to treat FSGS safely and effectively?

From the beginning we can know that FSGS is not easy to treat by these western medicines, that’s why many patient’s disease progressed into kidney failure. Here i recommend Chinese herbal medicine for you, it really can help you treat FSGS safely and effectively.

Chinese herbal medicines can play a role of expanding blood vessels, which can improve blood circulation, remove blood vessels and relieve the stage of ischemia and oxygen deficiency; Chinese herbal medicines can achieve function of anti-inflammation, which help patients with FSGS kidney disease reduce the infiltration of inflammatory cell and avoid the further damage to glomerular epithelial cells; Chinese herbal medicines can play a part of anti-coagulation, which avoid the microthrombus and lay a foundation for the repair of glomerular epithelial cells; also Chinese herbal medicines can eliminate the immune complexes depositing on kidneys through degradation, which can not be done by western medicines. Finally the Chinese herbal medicines provide nutrition for damaged kidneys to repair kidney damage and enhance kidney function, which helps prevent FSGS kidney disease developing Kidney Failure greatly.

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