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Effective Treatment of FSGS

2016-09-16 14:52

Effective Treatment of FSGSAs we all know, in the past, when FSGS progressed into the advanced stage, kidney function will lose quickly, patients have to choose dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their life. However, in nowadays, there is another treatment can be used for treating this disease, that is Immunotherapy.

How can Immunotherapy treat FSGS?

The main cause of FSGS is that glomerular epithelia has been damaged. It is the auto-immune disease. When the glomerular epithelia is damaged, it will affect the barrier function, leading to the leakage of large amounts of protein and red blood cells. What is more, the damaged epithelia will bring the inflammatory factor which will aggravate the damaged kidneys .So if we want to treat FSGS thoroughly, we must block the immune inflammatory response, repair the damaged renal epithelia cells and restore the immune system.

While Immunotherapy can deal with these three “must”. In stage of immune blocking, we use the immunosuppressive drug to restrain the immune inflammatory response and stop the further damage to kidneys; as to repairing the damaged renal epithelia cells and restore the immune system, Chinese herbal medicine mainly is used. Before the Chinese herbal medicines is used, immune clearance will be used firstly, that is to say, with the help of the advanced blood purification equipment, a clean inner environment will be created. Chinese herbal medicine can promote the blood circulation and remove the blood stasis, which can solve the problem of hypoxic-ischemic in kidneys, it also can provide the nutrient materials for the damaged kidneys, which can repair the damaged renal epithelia cells and restore the immune system.

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