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What Should I do With Creatinine 7.8 with FSGS

2017-01-29 16:45

FSGS is the abbreviation of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. FSGS patients with creatinine 7.8 have complications like high blood pressure, poor appetite, itching skin, blood urine and so on. All of these effect patients’ normal life a lot. Here the article can help you to know more about FSGS and its Treatments. You can get more information from ONLINE DOCTOR.

FSGS is a kidney disorder which causes glomerlosclerosis. FSGS means some of the glomerulus are injured partially, then renal functions will be lowered. As they are unable to remove unnecessary things from body, creatinine goes up. Creatinine 7.8 shows patients’ kidneys have been damaged badly.

What treatments can help patients with creatinine 7.8 with FSGS?

Dialysis is a common treatment to remove unnecessary things. But dialysis can cause fatigue, muscle cramp, itching skin and other side effects. In addition, patients are required to be on Dialysis regularly as dialysis can not treat patients from the root.

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure for patients with serious kidney dysfunction. Patients need a healthy, matching kidney from the donor to replace their damaged kidneys. Then they have to take anti-rejection drugs in their rest life.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of unique Chinese medicine external application treatment. The especial herb will be selected according to patient’s illness conditions, after that, it will be milled into power and be put into two medicated bags which are applied at patients’ shenshu area. What’s more, the actives material in the bags will permeate our body and get into kidneys by a treatment machine to enlarge the blood vessel, degrade the extracellular matrix, dispel blood stasis and promote the blood circulation of whole body. So kidneys’ self-healing ability would be enhanced in the condition. When kidney is restored, the creatinine is reduced. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a safer choice to improve kidneys’ damaged functions.

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