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Can FSGS with 12% Renal Function be Treated

2017-03-30 11:15

Can FSGS with 12% Renal Function be TreatedAre you suffering from FSGS? Do you worry about your kidney which has only 12% renal function? What are the treatments to treat FSGS with 12% renal function?

In order to help FSGS patients, we need to know what the FSGS with 12% renal function means firstly.

FSGS which is the short name of the Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis refers to a medical situation where the glomeruli of the kidney are ruined. Moreover, the 12% renal function shows us the kidney has been damaged badly and that the unwanted matters which should be ejected from body by the kidney will be retained in the human internal environment. As a result, patients may have series of symptoms like swelling, difficult breath, blood in urine, etc.

Therefore, patients are in sore need of an effective treatment to help themselves.

What remedies are useful for FSGS patients with 12% renal function?

Dialysis. It is a traditional technology to alleviate the symptoms and to prolong patients’ life. In addition, it leads to itching skin, lower urine volumes, heart problems and other side effects. What’s more, the patients must be on dialysis regularly.

Kidney transplant. It is an operation in which the damaged kidney will be replaced with a healthy and matching one from the donor. In Western, patients have to take dialysis while waiting for the kidney transplant. Also, the patients who adopt kidney transplant are acquired to take anti-rejection drugs in the redundant of their life.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a better treatment, because it is able to assist patients in repairing the renal function with less adverse reactions. It is a external application treatment. Which herbs will be used to treat patients depends on the patients’ illness conditions. Hence, it can take a good clinical effect. When the kidney is recovered, the harmful matters will be cleaned up, the discomforts will disappear, and the patient will return to a normal life.

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