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How to Treat FSGS Patients in Children with Creatinine 6.7

2014-03-10 07:13

How to Treat FSGS Patients in Children with Creatinine 6.7Children are one of group who are easily affected with FSGS.If there is no useful treatment,FSGS patients will suffer from Creatinine 6.7.So how to treat FSGS patients in Children with Creatinine 6.7?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

FSGS patients in Children with Creatinine 6.7

FSGS patients in Children are usually depending on the glomeruli scar.Kidney is like a cleaner in our body.Glomeruli are mainly responsible for filtering wastes and toxins in the blood out of the body in the form of urine.If they are influenced,toxic substances accumulate in our body thus leading to various complications.

Creatinine is an important index to calculate renal functions.The higher creatinine FSGS patients in Children are,the less renal functions their body remain.Creatinine 6.7 is a higher creatinine level for FSGS patients in Children.Patients need to accept dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future.

Dialysis is a replacement therapy to help our body eliminate wastes and toxins out of the body.While kidney transplant is the last choice for Children.What should they do now?

Kidney Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural therapy which can be used externally.With the help of osmosis machine,the activated Chinese medicine in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy enters into kidney quickly thus working on kidney damage directly and immediately.As time passes by,kidney can absorb rich nutritions from Chinese medicines thus helping it self-regeneration and self-recovery.

Blood Purification

Blood Purification includes plasm exchange,immune absorption,hemodialysis,hemoperfusion and hemofiltration.With five techniques,wastes and toxins can be removed completely.The burden on kidney can be relieved successfully thus protecting remaining renal functions.

Those two therapies are safe and helpful for FSGS patients in Children without dialysis.You can read our patient story.

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