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Kidneys are Working at 12% Due to FSGS Latest Treatment in China

2014-05-20 06:58

Kidneys are Working at 12% Due to FSGS Latest Treatment in ChinaHi, my kidneys are working at 12% due to FSGS. I am 38 years old with 2 small kids. I often get scared I may not survive longer due to this condition. Could you kindly advise on the latest treatment in China to help me extend my life expectancy? I prefer not to start dialysis. Thanks a lot!

Expert answer: Hello, we have got your query regarding the latest treatment in China for your kidneys are working at 12% due to FSGS. Please do not worry too much. We will try our best to share helpful information.

Though your current condition is quite severe in end-stage renal disease, you can manage the disease well and live a significantly prolonged life span by taking effective treatment in time. The latest Chinese therapy for your situation is Top Seven TCM Therapies.

Specific methods involved in the treatment are hot compress therapy, enema, cycle therapy, full bath therapy, moxibustion, foot bath, and oral Chinese herb medicine. Depending on your unique diagnosis, one or more of these therapies will be chosen to form the best treatment plan.

Top Seven TCM Therapies can work effectively to treat kidneys working at 12% due to FSGS by removing harmful substances out of the body, improving the blood circulation, repairing the damaged renal inherent cells and tissues, promoting the overall kidney function, and regulating the body’s immune system. By doing this, you can expect to get the most satisfying treatment effects and live a much prolonged life expectancy.

If you are interested to get individualized evaluation for our featured therapies, you can Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com with your test reports or detailed disease information. Our kidney experts will make a comprehensive analysis and reply you soon within 24 hours. Take care please!

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