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The Relation of Hypertension and Kidney Disease

The hypertension is the main reason which can cause the kidney disease and renal failure (End stage of renal disease).For the hypertension can cause the damage of renal capillary to affect the filtration function of kidney,then it is hard t...Read More

Correct Treatment For Creatinine 7.3 In Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hi, doctor, i am a hypertensive nephropathy patient, creatinine 7.3, what is the correct treatment for me? Can i be cured? ...Read More

How To Treat the Hypertensive Nephropathy With 40% Renal Function In Natural Treatment

The hypertension is the common factor to cause the nephropathy , more and more hypertension patients are suffering from the renal disease. According to the gradation of hypertensive nephropathy , 40% renal function means the stage 3 of hype...Read More

Kidney Failure Due to Hypertension How to Keep GFR 25% and Stop Dialysis

If you do not wanna experience dialysis, you must control the renal function and blood pressure as well as possible. Or else, the kidney will gradually fail to filter the unwanted materials from the blood completely as before. In this case,...Read More

How to Control the Blood Pressure in Nephrosis with Creatinine 546

Blood Pressure which can be elevated in the situation of nephrosis with creatinine 546 will influence the kidney condition a lot and quicken the procession of uremia. While, how to control the blood pressure in nephrosis with creatinine 546...Read More

Hypertension and Kidney Disease What Should We Do with Creatinine 500

Hypertension and kidney disease will quicken the procession of each other, leading to risk of life time. And the creatinine 500 shows a very serious condition in which the kidneys are damaged more than 80%. And it is a characteristic featur...Read More

Stage 5 CKD Due to Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure Could I Refuse Dialysis

Patient: I have stage 5 CKD due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. Creatinine level is currently 4.77 not on dialysis. Could I refuse dialysis? Doctor: Hello, glad to help. Provided the renal function (or GFR) is more than 15%, dialysis c...Read More

How Can I Reduce Creatinine Level from 4.6 in Hypertensive Renal Disease

Hypertension renal disease is a chronic kidney disease (CKD) in which the kidney function is lost owing to the years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. And the creatinine 4.6 shows a serious conditions. So that, many patients wonder how c...Read More

What Should We Do to Hypertensive Kidney Disease with Dizziness

What should we do to hypertensive kidney disease with dizziness? If you have the similar query, welcome to contact Online Doctor for detailed information directly. What is the pathogenesis of dizziness in hypertensive kidney disease? Hypert...Read More

High Blood Pressure and Creatinine 3.64 How to Dispel Swollen Legs

Swollen legs will make the patients hard to stand, pain, weakness and other problems which bother the normal life a lot. Well, how to dispel swollen legs for high blood pressure and creatinine 3.64? What is the cause of swollen legs in high...Read More