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Stage 5 CKD Due to Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure Could I Refuse Dialysis

Patient: I have stage 5 CKD due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. Creatinine level is currently 4.77 not on dialysis. Could I refuse dialysis? Doctor: Hello, glad to help. Provided the renal function (or GFR) is more than 15%, dialysis c...Read More

How Can I Reduce Creatinine Level from 4.6 in Hypertensive Renal Disease

Hypertension renal disease is a chronic kidney disease (CKD) in which the kidney function is lost owing to the years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. And the creatinine 4.6 shows a serious conditions. So that, many patients wonder how c...Read More

What Should We Do to Hypertensive Kidney Disease with Dizziness

What should we do to hypertensive kidney disease with dizziness? If you have the similar query, welcome to contact Online Doctor for detailed information directly. What is the pathogenesis of dizziness in hypertensive kidney disease? Hypert...Read More

High Blood Pressure and Creatinine 3.64 How to Dispel Swollen Legs

Swollen legs will make the patients hard to stand, pain, weakness and other problems which bother the normal life a lot. Well, how to dispel swollen legs for high blood pressure and creatinine 3.64? What is the cause of swollen legs in high...Read More

Hypertensive Kidney Disease Would Herbal Medicine Lower Creatinine 367

Compared with Western medicine, herbal medicine takes effects with less side effects and it is aimed at solving the problem from the root causes. And then, would herbal medical lower creatinine 367 in hypertensive kidney disease? Hypertensi...Read More

Hypertensive Kidney Disease What Do I Do To Treated Without Dialysis

What do I do to treated without dialysis? The patient also stated that I have spent 53 years. The test reports showed the hypertensive kidney disease five years ago. I have make the blood pressure and diets controlled. But the creatinine le...Read More

Some Tips to Control High Blood Pressure in Kidney Disease

In clinical it is easy for hypertensive patients to get ill with kidney disease since the strong flowing stress will injure the blood vessels throughout the whole body. What is worse, once the kidneys can not work well as we expected, a inc...Read More

Creatinine 689 and Hypertensive Nephropathy Should Dialysis be Done

As we all know, once the kidney is damaged badly, the dialysis is required to prolong life triumphantly. While, when creatinine is 689 for hypertensive nephropathy patients, should dialysis be done? In most countries, dialysis is usually su...Read More

Hypertension and Kidney Disease How to Lower Creatinine 200 Naturally

Nowadays, more and more patients find out they have trouble with high blood pressure and then suffer from the elevated creatinine level. While, how to lower creatinine 200 naturally for patients with hypertension and kidney disease?...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine Would Hypertensive Kidney Disease Be Cured

With the search of the alternative treatment of dialysis and transplant, more and more patients realize the advantage of Chinese herbal medicine. However, they still wonder would hypertensive kidney disease be cured with Chinese herbal medi...Read More